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I can't find any information in the Anteater Chronicles about a UCI topic that I'm interested in. Why is that?

By necessity, the Anteater Chronicles barely scratch the surface of UCI and its history. University Archives staff will be adding both text and digital images to the site over time as resources permit. Please Contact Us and describe the topics you would like added so that we can respond to the needs of our site's users.

What is the University Archives?

The University Archives contains the raw material that documents UCI's history: photographs, textual materials, electronic records, audiovisual items, and other materials created by faculty, administrators, staff, students, and campus units that document historically significant people, events, and policies. Archives staff collects, preserves, and provides access to these selected inactive campus records. The Archives is a unit of the Department of Special Collections and Archives in the UCI Libraries.

I have discovered a factual error in the Anteater Chronicles. What can be done to fix it?

Please Contact Us and state very specifically the nature of the error. It will help us enormously if you can also provide a reliable source of information, whether published or human, where we can confirm the correct facts.

I have materials documenting UCI's history that I would like to donate to the University Archives.

Thank you! The Archives consist almost entirely of material donated by individuals or transferred from UCI offices, so we are always interested in adding to the documentation of our campus. Please visit the University Archives website to get a sense of the types of materials that we collect, then Contact Us and describe what you have as specifically as possible. Someone will be in touch with you soon thereafter.

Is everything in UC Irvine's University Archives available in the Anteater Chronicles?

Far from it! The site presently includes information on a limited number of subjects and several hundred digital reproductions, whereas the physical Archives includes more than 20,000 photographs, thousands of printed volumes (newspapers, newsletters, books, reports, articles, etc.), and hundreds of shelf feet of archival records. For more information about the physical collections, visit the University Archives website or contact us with a specific question.

How do I order reproductions of digital items from the Anteater Chronicles? And what is the cost?

Click on Reproduction in the top navigation bar and read about copyright and conditions of use before contacting us to place an order. The cost will depend on the nature of the reproductions that you need.

I have technical questions about how the Anteater Chronicles is designed and implemented.

Please Contact Us, making your question as precise as possible.

How do I obtain the answers to any other questions about the Anteater Chronicles?

Click on Contact Us at the bottom of any page.