University Archives

Why do University Archives matter?


The University Archives preserves UCI's historically significant records. Beginning with the founding of UCI in 1965, the University Archives holds materials that document the planning and growth of the campus, the development and administration of academic and administrative programs and services, faculty concerns, student life, and community relations. In addition to records created in the course of campus business, such as correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, plans, charts, and topical files, the University Archives also contains photographs, maps, posters, newsletters, yearbooks, brochures, video and audio recordings, and a variety of other materials.

Spotlight On

Online Archive of UCI History

Online Archive of UCI History:
Includes photos, videos, audio,
documents (1936-present)

Anteater Antics

Anteater Antics:
Odds and ends from Special
Collections and Archives

Anteater Chronicles

Anteater Chronicles:
40th Anniversary website