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    Our Mission, Vision, & Values

    UCI Libraries Special Collections & Archives serves the campus, local, and international communities by fostering curiosity and discovery through preservation, access, and education. We work to create an open atmosphere that nurtures cultural and knowledge exchange. We welcome everyone to participate and engage with our unique and rare materials.

    UCI Libraries Special Collections & Archives strives to strengthen our collections, cultivate non-custodial partnerships, and enrich the UCI, Orange County, and global scholarly community. We aspire to curate and disseminate a cohesive mosaic of historical information, in response to critical scholarship and with an eye toward future generations. We seek to be at the heart of the global scholarly endeavor through community-centered partnerships, robust research support, and creative teaching and learning resources.

    Our values include:

    • Care. We operate from a care-based approach in the ways we work with patrons and collections. We value accountability, commitment to professional standards and ethics, a holistic approach to teaching and learning, stewardship of collections, and quality service to our users.
    • Curiosity. We are open to new ideas and are experimental in our endeavors in the preservation of and access to our materials, providing creative and innovative leadership in digital initiatives, collection management and descriptive practice, outreach, and open access to our collections.
    • Community. As a highly collaborative team, we foster a culture of respect and continual improvement. We value accessibility, inclusivity, and equity in the partnerships we seek to sustain on campus, in the community, and around the world.

    Sensitivity Statement

    In accordance with our commitment to making our collections widely accessible to the public, UCI Libraries Special Collections & Archives publishes finding aids and selected digital items for collections under our stewardship online. 

    The acceptability of language and content can change over time. It is possible that a collection or metadata associated with a collection may contain historical language or culturally sensitive content now recognized as inappropriate for publication without meaningful context or consultation with relevant communities.

    We are proactively addressing these issues in the UCI Libraries, including ongoing work on reparative, ethical archival description. If you believe that we have archival materials or have published an image or information that is incorrect or that should be restricted, please contact us at spcoll@uci.edu or submit feedback using this form

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