Duplication Services

Special Collections provides staff-mediated photocopying and digitization services. Use of digital cameras is permitted.


All duplication of materials in Special Collections and Archives is done by staff. Turnaround time for standard reproduction orders is four working days (see details below). Photocopies larger than 11x17 cannot be made. Any necessary limitations on copying from archival and manuscript collections are determined when the order is reviewed.

A Request for Reproduction of Manuscript and Archival Materials form must be completed and signed for duplication of materials from manuscript and archival collections, prior to any copying being done. The request form is used for requests for photocopying, scanning, photographic prints, and a researcher’s use of a digital camera. For reproductions from the Jacques Derrida papers, please complete the Request Form for Photocopies from the Jacques Derrida papers.

Use of Digital Cameras

Researchers may take digital photographs of collections materials under the following circumstances:

  • Photographs may be used for research and teaching purposes only.
  • All requests must be approved in advance, and same-day approval often is not possible.
  • You must disable any flash mechanism on your digital camera prior to taking photographs.
  • The taking of photographs cannot be disruptive to other researchers.
  • During photography all items must lie flat on a reading table or on a foam book rest.
  • Staff will ensure that all handling of materials is safe and appropriate.


  • Advance payment is required for all reproduction requests; staff must review requests and prepare invoices.
  • Payments may be made with cash, check, money order, library copy card, or international wire transfer.
  • Payment by credit card is not available at this time.
  • On-site researchers must request and make payment for orders no later than 30 minutes before department closes.
  • Off-site researchers must make payment by check, money order, or international wire transfer.
  • UCI departmental recharges are accepted for all types of orders.


(paper or digital PDF format)

Up to and including 11 x 17 b&w or color copies $1.00 per every 5 copies
Service fee (for orders over 100 copies) $5.00 fee per every 100 copies

High-resolution digital scans

(TIFF, JPEG format)

Scans of prints (up to 11 x 17), negatives, and slides $1.00/image
Service fee per scanning order $5.00/order
CD fee for digital scans $10.00/CD

Small scan orders are delivered at no charge by email or file transfer. Larger orders are burned to CD and delivered via mail. See shipping charges below.

Shipping Images delivered via email or file transfer No charge
Campus mail No charge
Standard mail $5 minimum per order
FedEx At cost
Rush Orders Add 100% to price of total order.
Prices are subject to change without notice

Additional handling fees

For patrons not affiliated with UCI, an additional 15% UC overhead fee will be charged when paying by check. An additional $2.50 invoice fee may also apply. These fees will not be charged for UCI students, faculty, or staff paying by check or by departmental recharge. Patrons paying with cash will not be charged the UC overhead fee.

Standard and RUSH orders

Standard orders are defined as photocopy orders of fewer than 100 pages or digital image orders of fewer than 25 images. We guarantee completion of standard orders within four working days and RUSH orders within two working days. The turnaround time for larger orders cannot be guaranteed.

Audio-Visual Materials

Reformatting of audio-visual material is patron-driven. Unless there is a use-copy of audio-visual material already available (as indicated in the finding aid) reformatting is done at the request of the patron at price. Depending on the nature of reformatting, a use-copy of an existing item can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. Please inquire well in advance of your need/deadline at spcoll@uci.edu or 949-824-3947.

Please note:

Due to limited staffing and the complexity of audio-visual reformatting requests, a single patron may request no more than 10 items to be reformatted in a six month period.

Donor and Office of Origin Services

Donors of archival material or representatives from UC Irvine offices or organizations that have transferred records to Special Collections and Archives are entitled to the following services:

  • 50 complimentary photocopies per fiscal year
  • 5 complimentary digital scans per fiscal year; thereafter half price
  • Special services: current price plus half service fees