Request Duplication

Requesting Digital Copies 

If you would like digital copies of material from the collection not already available in our digital collections you are welcome to submit a duplication request using our Special Collections Request System, Aeon. We will not be able to begin servicing requests until August 3rd.

Identify and request the material you would like us to scan via Library Search and/or the OAC and log in to your Aeon Special Collections Request System account. There is a button that will transform your request from a research appointment to a duplication request. You will need to complete a duplication request for each item you are requesting to be scanned or reformatted. 

If you do not know the exact page range, folder, or box for your duplication request please make a reference appointment with the relevant staff or contact us at for assistance before submitting your duplication request. 

Until further notice, all scans under 50 pages are free. Scans or special format material may still be subject to cost-recovery pricing. Limited resources are available to provide duplication services. 

Expected turn-around time for duplication orders is two weeks. 


We will continue to use the Derrida Duplication form until further notice. Please submit below

Requests for Jacques Derrida Papers


Permission to Publish 

In order to publish, display, or further distribute any duplicates of materials obtained from Special Collections and Archives, you are solely responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions from copyright holders to the extent required by the U.S. copyright law.

Please note that while Special Collections and Archives owns the materials in our collections, we usually do not own the copyright to these materials, except where it has been explicitly transferred to the University of California. You are solely responsible for determining the copyright status of materials and obtaining permission to use material from the copyright holder (owner of the intellectual property as defined by U.S. copyright law).

When the University of California is not the copyright holder, Special Collections and Archives cannot grant or deny permission to publish or distribute materials.

For more information consult our Copyright & Permission page