Request for Reproduction of Jacques Derrida Papers

This form may only be used to request reproductions from the Jacques Derrida Papers. To request reproductions from other special collections and archives, please use the request form located at

Copyright Restrictions Section

I. Introduction

The U.C. Regents does not own the copyright(s) to the materials in the Jacques Derrida Papers. The copyright(s) to any item in the Jacques Derrida Papers may be owned by the Jacques Derrida heirs or may be owned by a third party.

Under an agreement with the Jacques Derrida heirs, The Regents will provide reproductions of materials in the Jacques Derrida Papers only upon presentation of written authorization from the copyright holder(s) of the item requested.

You may ask a Designate of the Jacques Derrida heirs for authorization to reproduce materials in the Jacques Derrida Papers (for items whose copyright(s) are owned by the heirs) or for the identity of the copyright holder(s) (for items whose copyright(s) are not owned by the heirs).

You must make your request by completing this form. Submit the completed form with signature to the Special Collections & Archives Department, and we will forward the form to the Designates of the Jacques Derrida heirs for their approval.

As of December 2008, the authorized Designates are:

The Designate will send the original signed and completed forms to:

UC Irvine Libraries
Special Collections & Archives – Jacques Derrida Papers
P.O. Box 19557
Irvine, CA 92623-9557

Please note this form requests permission from the copyright holder(s) to reproduce materials in the Jacques Derrida Papers. This allows The Regents to provide photocopies of Materials in the Jacques Derrida Papers to you. This form does not request permission from the copyright holder(s) to distribute reproductions (i.e., to publish) materials in the Jacques Derrida Papers. You will need to request that permission separately.

II. Guidelines Used By The Designates For Requests

  1. Requests to reproduce unpublished material (photocopies and scans)

    The collection is meant primarily for on-site consultation. Reproduction of materials for off-site use is strictly limited and subject to approval.

    To be considered for approval, a request to photocopy or scan unpublished material must meet the following criteria:

    1. Clear relevance of the requested material to the requester's research project, which must be succinctly described on the request form;
    2. Page limitations:
      • wherever possible requests should list specific pages to be photocopied or scanned;
      • requests should not exceed a total of 50 pages to be photocopied or scanned for any given research project;
      • requests for material from the teaching seminars are limited to a maximum of one dated session (typically 30 pp.) per requester.

    Researchers whose requests are approved agree that they will not further reproduce or circulate the materials they receive.

  2. Requests for permission to quote from unpublished material

    Researchers are entitled to quote from the unpublished material no more than is allowed under the \"fair use\" doctrine. This restriction applies to quotation in print (both traditional and new media), in unpublished papers, in doctoral and master's dissertations, and any other form of student work.

    No permission will be given to quote more extensively from the unpublished material.