Major Formats

The University Archives holds over 3.5 million documents created or used by UCI offices in the course of their daily activities. These documents are organized into archival collections, which are named for the UCI office that originally maintained them. Archival collections may contain a variety of records, such as correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, topical files, grant proposals, plans, notes, photographs, and audio-visual materials. Archival collections contain a wealth of information that document decision-making, planning, the development of programs, and campus life. They are a pivotal part of UCI's institutional memory. After we organize archival collections, we make descriptions of them available in the Online Archive of California.

The University Archives holds approximately 400,000 images of the UCI campus that document a wide array of subjects, including people, buildings, and events.

Selected Printed Materials

While not actually photographs, yearbooks are often useful sources for images.

  • Anthology
    Each volume of the UCI yearbook contains approximately 500 images and includes student portraits and photographs of events, faculty, staff, and buildings. No yearbooks were published in 1968-1975. There is no index.
  • The Cortex
    The yearbook of the California College of Medicine and the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons contains approximately 500 images in each volume. There is no index.

Selected Archival Collections

Archival collections are described in detail in searchable, online finding aids in the Online Archive of California. Follow the links below to view the complete finding aid.

  • Early Campus Photograph Albums (AS-056)
    Black and white photographs documenting UCI's first decade, including aerial and landscape views of the campus and Irvine Ranch area, construction of major campus buildings, scenes from daily campus life, and significant events and people from early campus history, such as Chancellor Aldrich’s inauguration, the first commencement and President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s dedication of the campus.
  • Communications Department Photographs (AS-061)
    More than 65,000 photographs depicting campus events, places, services, and people. These include campus buildings, campus scenes showing student activities, athletic teams, and student groups;contact us for more information.
  • Anton Ercegovich Slides of the University of California, Irvine (AS-054)
    Approximately 1,125 slides from 1963-1976 featuring the dedication of the UCI site, the construction of UCI buildings, the inauguration of Chancellor Aldrich, the first day of classes, and general campus scenes.
  • Beth Koch Photographs of the University of California, Irvine (AS-051)
    Approximately 15,000 images taken by Beth Koch on the UCI from 1963 to 1984. Includes School of the Arts performances as well as portraits, landscapes, and other significant events and people.
  • Yearbook Photographs (AS-065)
    Approximately 4,000 images taken by yearbook photographers of UCI events, students, faculty, staff, and buildings between 1989 and 1995. This collection has not yet been organized; contact us for more information.
  • Construction Photographs (AS-106)
    400 black-and-white images of campus buildings under construction during 1965-1970.  This collection has not yet been organized; contact us for more information.
  • College of Medicine Photographs (AS-027, Series 7)
    Photographs of the UCI College of Medicine and its predecessors, the California College of Medicine, the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeon, and the Pacific College of Osteopathy. The subjects best represented include events, faculty, students, campus buildings, laboratories, and the staff, residents, and interns.

The University Archives holds over 2,000 published volumes and countless smaller publications about UCI and from UCI offices and student organizations. University publications include yearbooks, directories, course catalogs, newspapers, newsletters, brochures, fliers, and posters.

UCI Publications

University publications are found in four different places in the University Archives, depending on their nature and the manner in which the University Archives received them.

  • Major publications described individually in Library Search
    Over 1,000 major publications about UCI and from university offices and student organizations are described individually in Library Search and may be identified by searching for authors, titles, subjects, or keywords.  Major publications include campus catalogues, campus directories, widely distributed reports, yearbooks, campus newspapers, and long-running serials.
  • Minor publications organized by UCI office or organization
    Thousands of minor publications from university offices and student organizations are organized and described in collections called Publication Series. Publication Series are named for the university office or student organization that created the publications. Examples of minor publications include newsletters, departmental directories, brochures about programs and services, fliers and announcements for events, serials that were not widely distributed or did not have many issues, and other ephemera. These publications are described in finding aids in the Online Archive of California. New collections are constantly being organized, so check back often for recent updates.
  • Publications organized by format
    The UCI Poster Collection (AS-050) contains over 1,800 posters created by various UCI offices, departments, and organizations. The posters advertise programs and events held on campus and also provide information on course offerings and campus services.
  • Publications found in archival collections
    Publications about UCI or created by UCI are also found within the business records of UCI offices. These publications remain in their original context, reflecting the ways in which a university office may have used, organized, and stored the publication. An example of this might be if a publication was discussed or referenced in a committee meeting; the publication may be attached to the minutes of that meeting. UCI's archival collections are described in finding aids in the Online Archive of California