Faculty Papers: Collection Strengths

Archival and manuscript collections are described in detail in searchable, online finding aids in the Online Archive of California. Follow the links below to view the complete finding aids. You can also search UCI Library Search for the subject  "University of California, Irvine faculty" to retrieve a list of all our collections of faculty papers.

  • Cohen (Robert), Drama
    Production books containing sketches, photographs, clippings, programs, and correspondence documenting the theatrical productions directed by the founding chair of UCI's Drama Department.
  • Grotowski (Jerzy), Drama
    Articles and essays by the Polish theater director relating to his residency at UCI, as well as his manuscript On the Road to Active Culture. 
  • Tamblyn (Christine), Studio Art
    An extensive collection of detailed journals, correspondence, interviews, photographs, audio and video recordings, art ephemera, and other material created and collected by the San Francisco performance artist, critic, educator, and pioneering digital multimedia artist.

See also the separate page describing the Critical Theory Archive. Some of the most renowned theorists whose papers have been collected have been professors at UCI.

  • Derrida (Jacques)
    Scholarly manuscripts of seminars, publications, and conference papers (1940s-1998) by the "father of Deconstruction." The earliest materials date from his years as a student at the lycée.
  • Iser (Wolfgang)
    Thorough documentation of his publications, unpublished writings, correspondence, and course notes.
  • Krieger (Murray)
    Manuscripts, lectures, and correspondence documenting his scholarship, the founding of the University of California Humanities Research Institute, and the early years of the School of Criticism and Theory at UCI.
  • Miller (J. Hillis)
    A partial collection of his correspondence, teaching files, and manuscripts.
  • Balibar (Etienne)
    Draft manuscripts and research materials from the Marxist philosopher and political theorist.

See also the separate page describing the Dance collection. Collecting the papers of UCI’s eminent faculty is one of the emphases of our archival collections in Dance.

  • Bradburn (Donald)
    His extensive photographic oeuvre, dance and circus programs, manuscripts, and other material. 
  • Gabriel (Israel "El")
    Photographs, programs, and other material documenting the career of the choreographer and dancer.  
  • Loring (Eugene)
    Photographs, scrapbooks, programs, and ephemera that extensively document much of the career of the choreographer and founding UCI faculty member, who was the first chair of the Dance Department.
  • Maynard (Olga)
    An extensive collection of manuscripts, correspondence, programs, photographs, clippings, and publications documenting the career of the dance historian.  
  • McKayle (Donald)
    Photographs, programs, production notes, music scores, audio and video recordings, costume designs, reviews, and other materials that comprehensively document the work of the distinguished African American choreographer and UCI artistic director of Dance.
  • Ruyter (Nancy)
    Articles from periodicals and newspapers on dance companies, dancers, and general dance subjects, as well as research materials for a book on Delsartism. 
  • Heiney (Donald), English
    Manuscripts and other material relating to the novels and criticism written by the founding director of UCI’s M.F.A. program in fiction.  Heiney's literary pseudonym was MacDonald Harris.
  • Marder (Arthur J.), History
    Manuscripts, correspondence, research, and teaching materials for four of his books on the British Navy in the 20th century.
  • Melden (Abraham), Philosophy
    Manuscripts, lectures, and correspondence of the philosophy professor.
  • Menton (Seymour) (Spanish and Portuguese)
    Research files, correspondence, and other material of the founding chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at UCI. 
  • Olin (Spencer C.), History
    Research files, teaching materials, correspondence, and other material of this founding faculty member, academic administrator, and professor emeritus.

  • Bostick (Warren L.)
    Correspondence, photographs, and other material of the past Dean of California College of Medicine.
  • Grunigen (Forest)
    Minutes, reports, and other materials of the California Osteopathic Association collected by its former president. 
  • Gerard (Ralph Waldo), Biological Sciences
    Correspondence, research and lecture materials, reports of experiments, photographs, audio recordings, and other materials from the distinguished neurophysiologist and founding faculty member.
  • Reines (Frederick), Physics
    The comprehensive papers of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist's career in nuclear physics and astrophysics, documenting his detection of the neutrino and all of his later experimental work.
  • Rowland (F. Sherwood), Chemistry
    This collection documents the Nobel Prize-winning chemist's professional career in radiochemistry and atmospheric science. Included are materials documenting his research; awards including the Nobel Prize in chemistry (1995); professional service; and his global efforts to educate the public and policymakers about stratospheric ozone depletion, global climate change, and related environmental issues.
  • Russell (Roger), Biological Sciences
    Correspondence, publications, and UCI-related materials of the psychobiologist and former vice chancellor of academic affairs. 
  • Schneiderman (Howard A.), Biological Sciences
    Correspondence, research files, writings, photographs, and audio recordings documenting the eminent entomologist’s research in insect pathology.  Schneiderman also was the second Dean of the School of Biological Sciences.
  • Silverman (Paul), Biological Sciences
    Research materials and professional papers of the former director of Corporate and Government Affairs at the Beckman Laser Institute and associate chancellor of the College of Health Sciences. 
  • Steinhaus (Edward A.), Biological Sciences
    Correspondence, research files, photographs, and other materials documenting the entomologist’s research in insect pathology, insecticides, and microbial control. Steinhaus also was the first Dean of the School of Biological Sciences.
  • Stephens (Grover), Biological Sciences
    Publications, teaching, and research files of the biologist and founding faculty member.
  • Aldrich (Daniel G.), Chancellor
    Papers and correspondence of UCI's founding chancellor, documenting his civic and University activities following his retirement from that position. 
  • Eckstein (Harry), Political Science
    A small collection of papers of the eminent political scientist and co-founder of UCI’s Center for the Study of Democracy.  
  • Peltason (Jack), Political Science
    Selected correspondence and other materials documenting the former UC President and UCI Chancellor’s early academic career and his post-retirement civic and University activities.
  • Rosener (Judy), Management
    Material documenting both her scholarly career and her political and environmental activism, including as an early member of the California Coastal Commission.