Faculty Papers

The University Archives acquires faculty papers selectively while also striving to document the diversity of faculty members' backgrounds, perspectives, and research interests. 

Our faculty collecting objectives are shaped by the policies developed by the University of California Archivists Council (UCAC), the Policies for Administration of University of California Archives. We have adapted these policies for UCI below.

By collecting faculty papers, the University Archives strives to document the role, functions, and activities of representative faculty members:

  • within the context of the UCI campus
  • within the context of UC history
  • with respect to current and anticipated national/international research
  • with respect to service to community, state, national and/or international organizations
  • with respect to underrepresented communities and subject areas

For determining the significance of a faculty member’s body of work, the following criteria are taken into consideration. Is the individual known internationally, nationally, in California, and/or on the UCI campus for any of the following:

  • participant in/eyewitness to or commentator on major historical event
  • established new area of research
  • appointment to cabinet-level office [federal]
  • appointment to significant national or international organization [e.g. National Academy of Sciences]
  • designation as "fellow" within relevant professional society
  • top honor (medal, prize) within relevant professional society
  • recipient of significant award [e.g. Field Medal, Nobel, Lasker, Pritzker, Wolf, Kyoto, Pulitzer, Guggenheim, MacArthur, etc.]
  • significant patents/inventions
  • appointment to/service within significant state/county/municipal office/organization
  • UC Presidential Chair [faculty designation]
  • emeritus/emerita status
  • first to teach subject on campus
  • established new curriculum, department, or program on campus
  • significant service within campus [department chair, provost, dean]

To strengthen our Faculty Papers collection, we are actively documenting the following:

  • Significant contributions to campus services, particularly those impacting students
  • Faculty activism on campus, including pay and equity issues
  • Continuing to collect papers of faculty who have established new curricula, departments, and/or programs on campus
  • Faculty of color who meet any of the Faculty Papers collecting criteria 

We do not collect the published works or research data of UCI faculty. The Libraries encourages UCI authors to contribute their scholarly output to UC digital repositories (e.g., eScholarship, Dryad). For more information, consult the Department of Digital Scholarship Services

Spotlight On

Donald McKayle teaching at the International Sommerakademie des Tanz in Köln, Germany.

Donald McKayle teaching at the International Sommerakademie des Tanz in Köln, Germany.

Frederick Reines in the classroom.

Frederick Reines in the classroom.

 Cover of Jacques Derrida's Of Grammatology.
Cover of Jacques Derrida's Of Grammatology.