Artists' Books: Selected Reference Resources

Printed Materials

Several basic sources for understanding the nature and scope of artists' books in general.

  • The Century of Artists' Books by Johanna Drucker.  New York: Granary Books, 1995.
  • Artists' Books: a Critical Anthology and Sourcebook. Joan Lyons, editor.  Rochester, N.Y.: Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1985.
  • The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books by Renée Riese Hubert and Judd D. Hubert.  New York City: Granary Books, 1999.
  • Beauty and Meaning: Art and Poetry in the Book Arts of Mexico by Lourdes Bates Irvine, Calif.: The UC Irvine Libraries, 2002.

Web Resources

Artists' sites

  • Many artists maintain websites showcasing their work. If you are interested in a particular book artist, search his or her name on the Internet.