University Archives: Transferring Records of Student Organizations

Student organizations often produce records and publications that document student life, collective student activity, and the social climate of their times. The records of student organizations are often one of the only sources from which future researchers may come to understand what students at UCI were like in the past.

Do my student organization's records belong in the University Archives?

The University Archives is interested in collecting material that relates to the following topics:

  • The history and development of UCI student organizations 
  • The missions and policies of student organizations 
  • Significant programs, activities, and events of student organizations 
  • Positions and actions of student governments and councils 
  • Organized student activism 
  • Student involvement in service activities 
  • Greek life

Examples of archival records

  • Constitutions and bylaws
  • Websites, newsletters, fliers, brochures, posters, and other publications
  • Annual reports
  • Correspondence that documents programs, activities, and events 
  • Meeting minutes and supporting documentation
  • Membership rosters 
  • Photographs, clippings, press releases, and scrapbooks

Examples of non-archival records

  • Exact duplicate copies of anything
  • Routine correspondence, e.g., requests and acknowledgments
  • Records of routine matters, e.g., requests for leave, purchase orders, receipts
  • Reference files or research material, including news clippings, publications, and form letters of departments or organizations other than your own
  • Rough drafts of publications, articles or reports (in most cases)
  • Blank forms, letterhead, or other stationery

How do I transfer my student organization's records to the University Archives?

As a leader of a student organization, you might be in possession of materials that have a place in the University Archives as a record of your group's activities on campus. Contact the University Archivist to schedule an appointment to transfer your records.  In your e-mail, please describe the scope of the records, which organization produced them, and the activities they document.  We would also appreciate a copy of any inventories or indexes you have made of the records.  Archives staff can arrange pickup for large transfers.

We will return any materials that are deemed to be out of scope for the archives.

How do I access my student organization's archival records?

Special Collections staff will provide you with reference assistance when you need to access the records after the transfer. You will need to come in to the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room during open hours, or make an appointment to come in, and register as a researcher. Requests from your organization to borrow material that you transferred may be accommodated in special circumstances.