Orange County Regional

Visit the Orange County collections in Special Collections & Archives and in the Orange County & Southeast Asian Archive Center.

Founded in 1972, the Orange County Regional History Collection continues to expand in breadth and depth. It documents the cultural, social, political, religious, economic, racial, and environmental history of Orange County from the mission period through the present.

Our goal is to surface the historical records and cultural heritage of Orange County for research, even materials not held by the UCI Libraries. We are actively engaged in and seeking ongoing non-custodial, equitable partnerships to ensure sustained preservation and access to the histories of the region, especially related to social justice and communities under-documented in the historical record.

We are expanding non-custodial partnerships and collecting in the following areas:

  • Environmental activism
  • Arts organizations and artists’ histories
  • LGBTQ+ history
  • Open space preservation
  • Political issues and movements
  • Public health
  • Social movements, uprisings, and protests
  • Under-documented racial and ethnic communities
  • Community development and disruption
  • Visual history of the landscape, cities, and communities
  • Youth cultures

We are committed to the principles and practice of supporting community centered archives. For more information see:

Existing areas of the collection we will occasionally collect include:

  • Agriculture and ranchos
  • City histories
  • Irvine Ranch and The Irvine Company
  • Disneyland
  • Helena Modjeska
  • San Juan Capistrano Mission
  • Surfing