Zotero Bibliographies


Zotero is an open source digital tool for creating and augmenting bibliographies. Library discovery tools only provide access to catalogued content, and the subject headings assigned to a publication appearing in a library catalog or electronic database do not always correspond to the categories that a scholar uses to describes a research topic or area of interest. Zotero works to address these issues. First, it lets librarians capture a theorist’s scholarly output across a variety of formats. Second, it allows users to describe bibliographic entries with a variety of tags, making the entry and other entries described like it more easily discoverable.


In 1985, the UC Irvine Libraries began the tradition of compiling bibliographies, detailing each Wellek lecturer’s scholarship. This collection preserves and makes available the Wellek Lectures that have, over time, represented changes in the field. The Wellek Lectures Library series as a whole represents the transformation of critical theory scholarship over the course of the past 30 years. Each Wellek lecturer’s bibliography is reviewed and enhanced to reflect scholarship currently associated with each lecturer.


This database centers on the ICCTP-sponsored initiative Critical Theory in the Global South, based at Northwestern University.

Critical Theory in the Global South encourages the development of new critical theory curricula that integrate intellectual traditions from the Global South. It pursues this mission through faculty collaborations, graduate student exchanges, book and article translations, workshops, and conferences.

We are working to expand the ICCTP Zotero database, and we invite you to contribute entries and ideas to the bibliographies. Scholars associated with the ICCTP can also contribute by adding bibliographic information about their own work.