Critical Theory in the Global South

Here we feature a sampling of reading lists, syllabi, and extended bibliographies from Critical Theory in the Global South, an initiative of the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs based at Northwestern University. This collaborative project seeks to develop curricular tools for the teaching of critical theory, with the aim of highlighting engagements with critical theory in the Global South. The following reading lists and syllabi result from ongoing conversations and “inter-university teaching co-operations” among scholars working in a range of regions, in a number of disciplines, and on various critical themes. Together, these materials offer a sense of the reach and the dynamism of critical theory today.

  1. Reading Lists and Syllabi
    1. Aesthetics and the Critique of Political Theology
    2. After Foucault: Pluralizing Modernity, Sex, Biopolitics, and Neoliberalism
    3. Appropriation and its Discontents
    4. Circulating Anarchisms and Marxisms in the Andes
    5. Critical Epistemology: Knowing through Gender and the Decolonial
    6. Hacer Escuela/Inventing School: Rethinking the Pedagogy of Critical Theory
    7. Indian Ocean Epistemologies
    8. Technologies of Critique: New Sources for Critical Theory
    9. Trauma, Politics, and the Uses of Memory
    10. The University and its Publics: North, South, and in Between
  2. Extended Bibliographies
    1. Contemporary Latin American Contributions to Feminism
    2. Critical Epistemologies
    3. Critical University Studies
    4. Indian Ocean Epistemologies

We will post additional and updated reading lists and bibliographies as Critical Theory in the Global South continues its work.