Resources for Research in Critical Theory

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Archival Resources

  • We are working to expand our web directory of critical theory archives, and we invite you to send us the names of archives and special collections that you have consulted through your work or discovered during your travels. To fill out our referrals form, enter in a name and email address along with a message.
  • Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC) is a free online resource, currently under development at the US National Archives, that helps users discover biographic and historical information about persons, families, and organizations and their connections to one another. Users can identify archival collections and resources on subjects of interest at institutions around the world. In this way, SNAC allows for an interactive and contextual understanding of historical records. In addition to helping users locate such records in libraries and archives, SNAC visually renders relationships among thinkers and schools of thought, making it possible for researchers to uncover previously unsuspected connections.

    The Critical Theory Archive collaborates with archives, libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions from throughout the world to contribute to SNAC.