Southeast Asian Archive Ambassadors

The UCI Libraries established a Southeast Asian Archive Advisory Board in 1993. The Board was created to assist the founding SEAA Research Librarian, Anne Frank, with outreach in the SEAA communities and to provide leadership and advocacy for the burgeoning archive.

The UCI Libraries SEAA Ambassadors was established in 2015 as a group of scholars, community leaders, and affiliates identified by the UCI Libraries as advocates for the distinctive resources and activities of the Southeast Asian Archive, part of Special Collections & Archives. SEAA Ambassadors reflect the diverse identities and histories represented in the collections of the UCI Libraries SEAA.

The UCI Libraries SEAA Ambassadors

  • Serve as advocates for the UCI Libraries SEAA and promote the interests of the SEAA in the community
  • Assist in organizing and co-sponsoring events and programs to increase awareness of the UCI Libraries SEAA
  • Serve as scholarly and community resources for the UCI Libraries SEAA

SEAA Ambassadors:

Professor Jeff Brody
Department of Communications
California State University, Fullerton
Carina Hoang
Post Grad Researcher
Curtin University Sustainability
Policy Institute,
Faculty of Humanities
Caylee So
Founder/Director of Cambodia
Town Film Festival
Producer at
Innovision Pictures
Professor Eliza Noh
Asian American Studies
California State
University, Fullerton