The Complete Zap Comix

Submitted by smacleod on Fri, 07/10/2015 - 17:13

Zap Comix is one of the most artistically important comic book series ever published. In Zap, eight unique and gifted artists shared a revolutionary goal. R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, Spain Rodriguez, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Williams and (later) Paul Mavrides contributed to major changes in comic book design and content. Issue #0 came out in 1967, and issue #16 in 2014. Beautifully produced facsimiles of all of the issues are included in The Complete Zap Comix, as well as the previously unpublished 17th issue which includes work by Crumb, Moscoso, Wilson, Rodriguez, Shelton, Mavrides, and Williams. Plus, an introduction by founder R. Crumb and an oral history of Zap by Patrick Rosenkranz. Also included exclusively in this limited edition boxed set is a portfolio of Zap covers by the eight artists, replicated from high resolution scans and proofs, and specially printed for this edition on acid-free, 100% cotton fine-art paper utilizing archival pigment inks. Recently acquired by Special Collections and Archives, more information about our copy is available here. [slideshow_deploy id='4867']